Vicki St.Denys Bio

Vicki St.Denys, MA has served as the Director of the Performance Dance Program at Ryerson University since 2013.  She has been a faculty member at the school since 1991 when she was invited to choreograph for Ryerson Dancesfor the first time.  Ms. St.Denys teaches jazz to all students in the dance Program and continues to create jazz-centred, concert dance works for Ryerson Dances. 

One of Canada’s leaders in the field of jazz dance – her research, choreography and teaching are concentrated on the evolution of jazz dance and are grounded in its roots, influences and relationship to jazz music.  This past summer Ms. St.Denys collaborated with Dr. Peggy Shannon at the Hydrama Theatre in Greece to begin working on phase I of a new production titled, Red, Hot and Cool: jazz through the ages.  This jazz story explores the history of jazz music and movement between the years 1935-1960 and was partially funded through the Ryerson Creative Fund.   Phase II of this project will be presented in June 2019 at the Parados Festival.

Ms. St.Denys has toured internationally as a performer, teacher and choreographer for numerous companies and with a broad array of productions.  She has been fortunate enough to choreograph for television, film, video, theatre and opera and as has worked as a dance consultant for the creation of a dance app for iPad.  

From 2000-2007, Ms. St.Denys was a member of the dance faculty for the prestigious dance program at The Banff Centre for the Arts where she taught jazz and choreographed.  For the following two years, she was the choreographer for the Opera as Theatre Program and for the Citadel’s co-production with the Banff Centre of Pride and Prejudice, which garnered a Sterling Award nomination for choreography.

In Addition, Ms. St.Denys presents her research and participates in panel discussions at conferences and for various arts organizations.  She has served as an assessor for the Canada Council for the Arts, Dance Division and for The World Dance Alliance.

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