Kim McSwain Bio

Having studied, taught, and performed extensively, Kim’s training and technical expertise shine through all of her classes and choreography. But it’s her contagious energy and compassion for each and every student that sets Kim apart in the industry.

​Kim began training at 3 years old. From the very start, she loved every second of dance. By age 8 she was training in ballet 30 hours a week, and at 12 years old she received 3rd at the National Tap Event sponsored by Gregory Hines. In fact, Mr Hines was so impressed with Kim that he travelled to her studio in Dallas to give her private lessons.

At 24 years old, Kim moved to L.A. where she quickly achieved success as a sought-after dancer, booking jobs with Britney Spears, N’Sync, Michael Jackson, among many others.

Despite her success, Kim felt drawn to teaching and soon decided to focus her career strictly on training dancers. As she often says, “It only takes a second to make a child feel special and maybe change their life… and from there that child could someday change the world.”

She first joined Adrenaline on the convention circuit before being picked up by the largest dance convention in the world, JUMP. For six years, Kim taught everything from ballet and jazz to hip-hop to thousands of students a week. After that experience, Kim joined NUVO as the Children’s Director. Focusing on technical development, she gained a reputation for inspiring young dancers to be more than excellent performers, but also to be excellent people.

The longer she taught, the more other instructors wanted to learn from her. In city after city, Kim’s teacher seminars drew huge crowds as she motivated countless instructors to be the best educator and role model they could be for their students. Additionally, many of her own students have gone on to achieve incredible success, working with some of the most talented artists in the dance and film industry.

These experiences led Kim to retire from the convention circuit to focus on the success of Changing Lives. Kim now travels across the country working directly with studios to educate their faculty and implement her teaching philosophy, along with speaking engagements, parent seminars, and business consulting.

Through it all, Kim’s number one priority has and still remains being a good mom to her two wonderful girls—and instilling in them the same vibrant faith in God that fuels her love for others and joy in dance.

With Kim’s experience and reputation in the industry, she enjoys strong relationships with a wide range of teachers and choreographers. So please let us know if you’d like to book a certain instructor for your studio and we’ll see what we can do!

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