Justin Stadnyk Bio

Just Music provides music editing services to choreographers of the creative arts and sport
The music that accompanies dance should never take an audience member, judge, or adjudicator out of the piece. By
working with just music, you will end up with a final product that sounds like it was written for you.

Say goodbye to the headaches of skipped beats, inconsistent volume levels, unclear “is it over?” endings, and
other missed opportunities. Not to mention the huge amount of time you will gain back and the stress you will relieve
yourself of. Just music is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Justin at just music has worked with former choreographers of the Canadian National Tap and Hip Hop teams along with
numerous studios, artistic directors, and choreographers across North America and the world. Pieces with music by
just music have won countless awards at festivals and competitions and have been complimented in adjudicators
commentary and notes.

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