Classes & Seminars

2019 Classes/Seminars will be updated as it is confirmed!


How Versatility Informs Creativity – Rebecca Zizek
Creating for the Competitive World – Rebecca Zizek
Music Theory for Dancers: Teaching Kids to Count”– Jeannie Wyse
Injury Prevention & Management  – Healthy Dancer Canada
The Evolution of Jazz Dance & It’s Relationship to Jazz MusicVicky St. Denys
The Ultimate Guide to Hip Hop Dance Education – Nick Tull

Improvisation: Developing Musicality and Fostering Creativity– Linda Garneau
The Immersive & Empowered Classroom – Lauren Garneau
Skills & Drills in Jazz Technique– Lauren Ritchie
Emotional Authenticity (Lyrical) – Lauren Ritchie
Jazz Transitions
 – Kim O’Neill
Movement Quality Exercises-
Kim O’Neill


Suzanne Blake Gerety – Marketing: A 4-Week new student acquisition campaign done for you
Suzanne Blake Gerety – 
Studio Management: Delegate, prioritize and get your studio management organized: how to make your to-do list a done list
Claire Wooten –
Positioning Gender Performance in Dance Teaching Space
Claire Wooten –
Dance Training vs Dance Education
British Association of Teachers of Dancing –
Performing Arts Educators of Canada – 
“Teaching Techniques for Today ! Creating safe and responsive spaces for dance.” 
Tap Dance Centre – 
Dance Masters of Canada – 
Dance PossAbilities – 
Dance PossAbilities: Inclusive Practices for Dance Teachers
Acrobatic Arts –
How progressions and technique work together with flexibly and stability training to create a safe and effective AcroDance Program.  
Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt –
Power & Impact of Dance Studio
Rebecca Brettingham-Filice –
STOP THE INSANITY – Are you looking for more students, more business, more freedom and less stress? Come learn how!
Rebecca Brettingham-Filice – 

Kim McSwain – Body Basics for teaching Children
Kim McSwain – 
Teaching from the inside out and breaking boundaries with Teenagers
Kim McSwain – 
Leading a cohesive curriculum and faculty
Kim McSwain – 
Journaling and goal setting to train your dancers and faculty on a deeper level.
Healthy Dancer Canada – 
The Hypermobile Dancer
Dancing With Parkinsons – 
Lauren Ritchie – Anxious Dancer
Lauren Ritchie – The Mental Edge in Class
Nicole Garland –
Strong Business Practices
Justin Stadnyk (Just Music) –
How to Choose & Edit the Perfect Piece of Music for your Choreography
Justin Stadnyk (Just Music) – Industry Secrets & Advantages for Music to Heighten your Choreography
Jill Tirone – 
Invigorate your Social Media Marketing
Jill Tirone – How to stand out in a crowded market






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