We are very pleased to offer these amazing associations who will be offering an introductory certificate to their programs!

Your registration fee includes these wonderful seminars!

More information will be sent out prior to the Expo!

Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) will host a two-hour certificate seminar that will focus on:

  • Building a ballet department – exchange of ideas about teacher recruitment and support, professional development and long-term goal setting for training outcomes
  • Creative ways to integrate conditioning into your class – saving time while developing fundamental technical skills
  • Growing while you give back – How community engagement programs can support the growth of your studio – expanding your dancer population and finding new sources of funding

Street Foundations and Fundamentals is just one of our extensive syllabi that we will share with you in our lecture.  Giving you the basics in current trends of the street and Hip Hop culture.  Popping, locking, street, hip hop fusion are some of the styles we incorporate into our Street Syllabus for children’s examinations.

The BATD 2hr lecture will also give you an Overview into what our organization has to offer both you as a Teacher and your students growth as a Dancer.

Our goal and mission is to provide Dance Excellence and Education to all members and teachers.

If you are looking to further your Dance Education and Qualifications, you will receive guidance, support and all of the necessary tools for your students and school.

In our 2-hour certification, we want you to see inclusion and program implementation from a different perspective. We will provide you with tools that you can use right away that focuses on classroom management, creating a motivational climate, and adapting your current curriculum to promote inclusion for our students with multiple needs and abilities. When we design for disability, everybody benefits.


Dancing with Parkinson’s founder Sarah Robichaud will be offering a two hour introductory class and workshop sharing the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of moving to music for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

An Introduction to Acrobatic Arts, including a wide range of skills from beginner to advanced levels 

CDTA is pleased to offer a two hour seminar on Thursday August 8 in room five at 3;15. We will be giving a brief sample of our amazing syllabi and answer any questions you may have about the work and our organization. At the end of the session all participants will receive a CDTA Affiliate certificate. We look forward to meeting you

Wednesday August 7th @ 3:15pm – Room #1
(Presented by: Nicole Hamilton and Heather Finn)
This workshop provides participants with valuable, evidence-based information on injury prevention in various dance environments. Strategies for injury management and facilitating clear communication between the dancer, dance educator and health professional during rehabilitation are also discussed
Thursday August 8th @ 9:00am – Room #2
(Presented by: Karine Rathle)
Hypermobility is an asset or requirement in many dance forms and also presents dancers with distinctly different physical and psychological challenges. This workshop provides information about the signs, symptoms, and evaluation of hypermobility in dancers based on current research evidence. Participants will learn how to address the specific and unique needs of hypermobile dancers, how to provide the support that they require, and management and training strategies that prevent injuries and facilitate achieving the dancer’s maximum potential. 

This seminar will cover the fundamentals and overview of the detailed new tap syllabus.  There is an emphasis on musical theory as it applies to tap dance, along with the history and legendary steps and terminology.  We will touch on all aspects of the syllabus with special attention on musicality, theory and the application this rhythmic dance form.

“Teaching Techniques for Today! Creating safe and responsive spaces for dance.”

A detailed look at the DMA Jazz Syllabus and it’s foundation with hands on instruction and demonstration.  Tips on how to pass a practical Dance Teacher Exam, why become a DMA Certified Teacher! And how a Junior Membership can benefit Teachers, Students and their studios.

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