Hello friends, we’ve made new and specific investments in the quality of our event. If you’ve attended our event as a guest for free in the past, please know that we will NOT be offering comps this year. Only a very limited select few number of comps will be awarded to delegates. With our renewed commitment to bringing you exciting options, we will be offering multiple discounted offers but the early bird price will guaranteed be your BEST price. Many of the associations, organizations and Keynote speakers will be given a 15% off discount code. Reach out to some of our confirmed organizations, speakers and they will give you codes to acquire the very best rates you can get for EXPO.

This year will offer more exciting classes, knowledge and technology than ever before! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

For our young teachers, or teachers looking to refresh their pedagogy we’re offering onsite certificate seminars from all the best teacher training organizations in the country.

Each week leading up to EXPO we will post an exciting new feature that will be offered. The classes, events and modules offered at this Dance Teacher Expo will be unprecedented. You don’t want to miss this! Tickets will go on sale next month at the best rate you’ll have. Grab them early!

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