Floor Plan and Exhibitor Information

International 1st Floor

Located on the first floor near the main lobby, attendees will be walking back and forth throughout the Expo.  INTERNATIONAL B & C will be used for main classes for the Expo.  NEW YORK will be used as a main Seminar Room. LONDON will be used as the Exhibitor Lounge.

As booths are filled we will update below:

G36 – 
G37 – 
G38 – Dancewear Center
G39 – Dancewear Center
G40 – Believe Dance Competition
G41 – Dance Recital Ticketing
G42 – Xtreme Dance Competition
G43 – Mondor 
G44 – Mondor 
G4542nd Street Tours & Travel
G46 – Candance Entertainment Group
G47 – Silver Lining Dance Costumes
G48 – Inspirations Dancewear 
G49 – Inspirations Dancewear 
G50  Inspirations Dancewear 
G51 – Inspirations Dancewear 
G52 – Break The Floor Production
G53 – Tendu Active
G54 – Tendu Active
G55 – 
G56 – .
G58 Acrobatic Arts
G59 – Under the Glitter/LipSense by SeneGence
G64 – Spectacle Blue
G65 – STAGE 
G66 – My Own Design
G67 – My Own Design
G68 – Acrobatique AcroDance Syllabus
G69  Move with the Beat Dance Competition
G70 – GRISHKO (Double Booth)
G71 – Hamilton Theatrical Supply (Double Booth)
G72 – Capezio
G73 – Capezio
G74 – DanceStudioOwner.com
G75 – Revolution Dancewear
G76 – Tenth House
G77 – Bloch, Mirella & Leo’s Canada
G78 – Bloch, Mirella & Leo’s Canada
G79 – Harlequin Floors
G80 – En Pointe
G81 – Beyond Dance Consulting
G82 – No longer available as per Hotel

Plaza 2nd Floor


Located on the 2nd Floor, PLAZA “A” will host the main stage for the Showcase, keynote speakers and fashion show.  PLAZA B & C will host main classes for the Expo.  TORONTO & MONTREAL rooms will host Seminars.  Attendees will be utilizing the stairs located in front of the Ballrooms throughout the weekend.

As booths are filled we will update below:

G01 – Johnny Brown Theatrical Accessories
G02 – Johnny Brown Theatrical Accessories
G03 – Johnny Brown Theatrical Accessories
G04 – Danskin
G05Brightspark Dance Tours
G06 – 
G07 – 
G08 – 
G09 – Luv 2 Dance Competition
G10 – Luv 2 Dance Competition
G11 – 
G12 –   
G13 –   
G14 – So Danca 
G15 – So Danca 
G16 – 
G17 – 
G18 – Tap Shoes Canada
G19 – To be used as informational booth
G20 – 
G21 – Balletrosa
G22 –  BATD – The British Association of Teachers of Dancing
G23 BATD – The British Association of Teachers of Dancing
G24 – Limelight
G25 – Limelight
G26 – Impact Dance Media
G27 – 
G29 – Jin’s Film Studio
G30Gabies Boutique
G31 – Gabies Boutique



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