Classes & Seminars

Classes/Seminars will be updated as faculty is confirmed!


H3 Holistic Hip Hip – Leslie Scott
Message Movement – Leslie Scott
Across the Floor – Jazz Moves
  Shelia Barker
Combo and Jazz Learning Tools – Shelia Barker
Triple Threat – ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE  – Jay T Schramek
What is Twinkle Star Dance?- Tiffany Henderson
Advanced TapJacques Monfiston
Junior TapJacques Monfiston
Hip Hop – Jade Jager Clark
Hip Hop – Jade Jager Clark
Acting for Dancers – Amy Wright
Audition 101 – Amy Wright
Safe Teaching of Contortion for Dancers – Meaghan Wegg
Bridging the Gap between Alignment and Performance – Stephanie Rutherford
Integrating Pilates into your Warm Up – Stephanie Rutherford

Optimal Performance StrategiesDeborah Vogel
Hip Happiness: Balancing Strength & Flexibility – Deborah Vogel
Supple Spine and Powerful Port de Bras! – Deborah Vogel
Handstand Workshop – The foundation of all AcroMandy Yip
Variations – How to make your Acro Skills Unique Mandy Yip
How to combine Acro and Dance: Across the Floor AcroDance Progressions Melissa Klassen
Engaging the Creative Dancer – Improvisation Technique – Kylie Thompson
What goes up…. Floorwork Technique – Kylie Thompson
Jazz –  Jazz Technique and Building a Strong Foundation – Kerry Gage
Lyrical – Ballet/ Jazz Foundations Required for Lyrical Dance – Kerry Gage
Jazz Transitions – Kim O’Neill
Movement Quality Exercises- Kim O’Neill
“The Perfect Warm Up” – Emily Einsmann
Partner Balances and Stunts – Emily Einsmann


Suzanne Blake Gerety  Low Cost Studio Marketing & Management That Works!
Suzanne Blake Gerety –  Student & Family Engagement Ideas for Every Month of the Year
Kathy Blake Loyalty & Loss – How to have longevity in the dance business and become a resilient studio owner
Kathy BlakeDrama Free Dance Studio – Fact or Fiction?
Carolyn Keefer– Ballet Boredom Busters
Carolyn KeeferGot a Problem Find a Prop
Jay T Schramek – By The Numbers: Framework of Competition Scoring
Jay T Schramek – “GOOD ARTISTS COPY, GREAT ARTISTS STEAL!” – Creative Ownership
Kerry Gage – Dance Competition
Kerry Gage – How to Create Choreography

Leslie Scott“Why YPad”
Leslie ScottImpact of Social Media on our Youth & Dance Culture
Leslie ScottYouth in Dance: Body Image, Nutrition and Eating Disorders
Tiffany HendersonCreating the Super Teacher
Tiffany Henderson – The Importance of your Preschool Dance Program
Melissa Klassen – Setting Up Your Lucrative and Long-term Acro Program: from Preschoolers to Pre-Professionals
Dance Educators InternationalDance Injuries & Maintenance (with guest Mary Ellen Baldner)
Dance Educators International – Improv, Imagery & Creativity
Tim Buckley– “The Show Must Go On” – Dealing with last minute injuries at competition,recital,special events etc”




2 Keynote Speakers

1 Fashion Show
1 Experience of a lifetime for each attendee!

A full list of classes will be updated soon, once final faculty is confirmed!

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